~forget me not~

~forget me not~

for you, being so unapologetically 
Black, queer and trans 
is a synonym of terrorism 
and gender essentialism 

because we have been feeding 
white cis hetero patriarchal supremacy
without a pause. we have been eroding
any sense of humanity, in the same way
we have been pouring oil into the sea 

in 2020 you passed away, 
we blamed the virus and isolation 
without acknowledging that in the past this
had already happened. because the world
wasn’t created for people like you, 
my beloved friend 

then how can we forget that the race relations act
was signed in 1965 and the disabilities act in 1970.
decades later, everything remains the same, we
have learned and discovered many things while
ignoring most of them again 

setting up new workhouses and 
sweatshops in the colonies 
given them local heroes names 
to wash the homophobia and genocide away 

an outstanding legacy of sodomy laws
around the world since the 1860s 
to then shame them 
for their closed minds and savagery 
from an indifferent pond 

somewhere in the present future 
being like you, so unapologetically 
Black, queer and trans 
is a synonym of 
happiness and freedom, 
love and acknowledgement