Sore loser zine

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Sore Loser is a collection of poetry, resources, quotes by other queer disabled people, and an excerpt of a longer podcast conversation we had about loss and memorialisation. Made in collaboration with San Alland as part of a commission for Disability Arts Online 2021 in response to the COVID Pandemic.

As disabled and ill LGBTQIA+ people, have we been mourning a new loss of queer community because of lockdowns and caution – or is it an old loss based on the ongoing inaccessibility of most queer events and spaces?

Do we want to make work while so much of the world is still on fire? (How) can we (re)connect with a culture that has learned so little in almost two years of devastation? Or do we create a new one?

How do we envision an ideal qrip funeral? How do we ensure we’re memorialised in the ways we want?
How do we document our grief, our resistance – and our joy?

Content notes

Overall there’s nothing graphic. Throughout, there are examinations of death, loss, white supremacy and ableism.

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